blue skies

welcome to blue skies...

Within our brick walls you’ll find the perfect little gifts, or even the perfect big gifts, for the special people in your life.

Design Sponge's guide to Chattanooga includes their favorite boutique--blue skies. 

"This is one of my favorite boutiques to shop for gifts, stationery and handmade jewelry. The merchandise is constantly rotating, which means you can discover new favorite artists every time you go."


Garden & Gun: "blue skies is your all-around cool, artsy book and gift store. It specializes in art and jewelry, and though it brings in items from designers across the country, there’s a healthy dose of work done by local artisans and a constantly rotating inventory."


Southern Living: "blue skies is one of the best boutiques in town, with purses, jewelry, and gifts."


Local Fare: ''A fun, new outfit for Fall isn't complete without a beautiful accessory or two (or three, or four…). blue skies in Chattanooga, Tennessee has you covered."