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blue skies

welcome to blue skies...

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6PM Sunday 12-5PM. For phone orders call us at 423-266-8010 for anything on our social media not listed here.

Tina Harrison, Owner

With a background in art, blue skies functions as Tina's current 'canvas.' She and her amazing staff search high and low to find the best stuff and most beautiful jewelry around. Then they put it all together to create visual wonder and a rich sensory shopping experience.  Tina loves working with the artists and vendors who supply all the product you'll find in the store. "They are great, hardworking, creative souls. And I also love our wonderful customers who we often get to know rather well. There's obviously a connection between aesthetics and values because our customers share the same values we do. We really like and appreciate them."

Denise Shropshire, Manager

Denise is a familiar face to blue skies customers because she has worked at the store since it was born in the year 2000. As our Inventory Manager, she keeps blue skies running like a well oiled machine and always has watchful eye out for the brown UPS truck, because she knows more good stuff has arrived! Denise often wears something by her favorite blue skies jewelry designer, Barbara Hoff. Besides her lovely self, you’ll also find Denise’s beautiful ceramic creations amongst the offerings at blue skies.  Her favorite book is Having Our Say by the Delany sisters and her favorite movie is the original Imitation of Life which she has seen at least 325 times.

Kim Meyer, Manager

Kim Meyer, Manager

Kim radiates enthusiasm for all things blue skies. She was a customer for over three years before joining blue skies as a manager in 2017. She loves gardening, vintage shopping, and babysitting (she is magic with kids!). Her favorite movie is Dumb & Dumber, and her favorite book is Fifth Avenue, 5AM. When it comes to blue skies, bracelets are Kim's go-to accessory, and she loves to rock a pair of our sassy Blue Q socks. Her favorite thing about her job: "The fact that I get to represent the coolest and best store ever!"


Rebekah Davis

Rebekah Davis

The constant influx of cool new items, and the opportunity to artfully arrange them around the store definitely drive Rebekah. This creative multi-instrumentalist  started at blue skies in Spring 2018. Rebekah plays four (4!) instruments: piano, bass, ukulele, and a little guitar. She loves to read and watch movies. Her favorite book is the Bell Jar, and her most watched movie is The Lost Boys. When it comes to jewelry, Rebekah absolutely loves the rings at blue skies. Her top non-jewelry item, our hilarious + saucy socks from Blue Q. Rebekah says the best thing about working at blue skies is " Everyone here is lovely and I love being a part of this team!"

Kate Greenwell

Kate is a girl of many talents: She loves drawing, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite book is Harry Potter, and her favorite movie is The Iron Giant. Since starting at blue skies in 2018, the nature-inspired jewelry of Michael Michaud has been Kate's favorite, and her most loved non-jewelry item would be our Good Luck Pigs, "Because they've been here since I was a kid." She loves her job at blue skies because "Everyone ends up being friends and that makes coming to work so much fun."

 Karleena Burton

Karleena joined the blue crew in 2019 and immediately impressed us with her awesome retail and people skills. You can often catch her rocking a pair of Renegade Silver's geometric earrings. Outside of work cooking and reading are her favorite hobbies. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is her top book and Monty Python and the Holy Grail is her number one movie pick. Karleena's favorite thing about her job is a two-way tie between the wonderful customers, and the uplifting group of women that make up blue skies.

 Maya Grace 

When you see a freshly stocked rack of Bungalow 360 purses or a row of perfectly placed Ayala Bar earrings, chances are Maya was behind it. Since joining blue skies in 2019 Maya has stayed on top of inventory so she is always ready to help customers find the perfect gift. Her favorite items at the store include Asha Morgan's jewelry, and all of the candles. Her top movies are Me Before You & The Little Prince, and her number one book is Jocli Picoutt's The Storyteller. Maya's favorite thing about her job " blue skies has all the warmth, cool details, and creativity you'd ever want in a store, but it also delivers a dose of positivity to your day. Just being there brightens my mood."

Lucy Cleveland 

Since joining blue skies in 2019 Lucy has consistently impressed us with her dedication to details and infectious enthusiasm. She loves to garden and write and her favorite store items are the Forget Me Not jewelry from Michael Michaud and the huge variety of notebooks and journals. Lucys says what she enjoys most about her job is "People always leave happier than they enter. I love hearing customers laugh when they find something that brings them joy and when they have to show it to friends or loved ones, that joy spreads."

Kelly Corcoran

Kelly is an insanely capable and organized human being with a black belt in gift wrapping. She has been a great friend and supporter of blue skies for years, and officially joined the staff in 2014. Kelly is in charge of our in-house photography and helps mastermind our window displays. When not in the store she loves to travel with her husband Stan, and has a passion for live music, specifically Amos Lee. When asked for her current favorite blue skies artist Kelly picked Olivia de Soria. "Beautiful jewelry, plus she's a nice person. "

Ginger Carden

It was "love at first sight"  for me and blue skies. I have been with the team since way back--way, way back to the first store on Market Street. I was the Store Manager until leaving in 2010 for the West Coast. Luckily, we didn't have to say goodbye. Heading up our social media accounts and helping launch the website has helped me stay firmly connected with blue skies across the miles. My favorite book is A Confederacy of Dunces. The cards at blue skies hold a special place in my heart. We have the artiest, funniest, most beautiful cards at blue skies!