blue skies

welcome to blue skies...

Within our brick walls you’ll find the perfect little gifts, or even the perfect big gifts, for the special people in your life.

Bird Flag Bunting

Blackbird Letterpress

Sold out.

We find some of the most beautiful items come from Blackbird Letterpress! The Blackbird Flag is definitely one of our favorites. Of course you can hang them inside but they are also perfect for your porch or next outdoor party. Four different images are screen printed onto beautiful cotton fabric, then sewn together in a long strands leaving extra ribbon at each end for tying. Each strand is approximately 10.5’ long and contains ten 11 x 9’’ flags. Because the flags are hand printed, they may vary slightly. Colors include tomato, papaya, tangerine, cerise, & corn. Like prayer flags, these flags have unfinished edges. Flags left outside will change with time and that's part of the charm!
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